Tantra Propounded By Lord Shiva

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The tantra is a science propounded by lord shiva himself for the welfare of mankind . Tantra is a holistic approach to the study of the universe from the point of view of the individual the study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm . It draws all the sciences astronomy , astrology , numerology , physiognomy , physics , chemistry , alchemy , ayurveda , psychology , parapsychology , mathematics geometry and so on to provide a practical means of realizing the highest ideals of philosophy in daily life . Tantra draws them together like beads of strings . The beautiful rosary thus formed is a unique instrument for enhancing the physical , mental and spiritual life of a man and woman . The word tantra is derived from the root tanadi tanu ( expansion ) by adding suffix shtran . According to the sentence shivah tanrayati tanrayate yat tat tantram all business pertaining to expansive system is included in tantra . The tanra is composed of two syllables tan ie physical body and tra to afford protection . Thus tantra literally means control and protection to physical body . Tantra also means tanu vistare is knowledge of expansion /explanation of many aspects simultaneously . By tantra one can expand his body and mind to the extent where time loses its limits and merges with each element of the particular cosmos there is nothing which cannot be accomplished . In ancient time a tantrik was one who knew many vidyas , shastra and granths . ypes of tantra sadhana vama marga & dakshina marga . Prakriti ( nature ) is divided into three parts para denote shiva , seed teh shakti , apara or naad is mixture of two these three are the basic elements of tantra .In india there are many seats of tantrik knowledge like one at kamakhya temple at guwhati assam , tarapeeth at calcutta , mahakaal at ujjain . There are six powerful varities of fortified tantra vanaspati tantra , pakshi tantra , ratna tantra , nakshatra tantra , kaak tantra , vashi tantra , and maaran tantra . Broadly tantras are classified into five groups shaiv , vaishnav , shakta , saur , and gaanpatya depending on its followers tantra shastra describes three types of bhavas divya , veer and animal . In divya or divine bhava a practioner treats and worships all female as shakti and all males as shiva . Tantra is basically worship of shakti pooja .Tantra sadhana is divided in three aagam , yamal and varahi tantra In aagam creation , destruction , Shatkarma ( 6 types of karma ) , Sadhana , recitation , Satyakarma sadhanana and four types of dharma ( brahmin , vaishnav , shaiva & shakta dharma . As erthe scriptures tantric traditions there are three types of troubles in a human’s life these are daivik / divine troubles are created by god / nature for example earthquake , flood , tsunami certain diseases that kill mass of people at one time are alos part of daivik prakop . Daihik / related to body troubles are related to diseases and accidents . Bhauktik / physical mental suffering caused by quarrels . litigation , unemployment this creates sorrow in one’s life .

In tantra shsastra kaali is described in eight forms prominent among them are mahakaali , daskinkaali and bhadrakaali it is also done too ward off evil effects of malefic saturn . Matangi ( sun ) sadhana is done to remove delay ( obstrcution ) in marriage to keep one beautiful to have happy marital life and for success in spiritual , political fields , examinations , competition or interviews . Bhuneshwari ( moon ) sadhana her lord is traimka shiva the sustaining and moving force of the universe through planet moon responsible for growth , nourishment and happy domestic life the goddess is controller and conductor of all the three worlds she bestows power , valor , health , wealth , prosperity , fame and fulfillment of all desires all cosmic vibrations coming from south west can be harnessed by this shakti for proper mental and physical growth . Baglamukhi ( mars ) sadhana he goddess appeared as a result of tapa by lord vishnu to dispel the problems of human beings caused because of a great oceanic storm ( swatantra tantra ) it was on a tuesday and night of chaturdashi therefore her sadhana is commenced on either of the two days the sadhak is blessed with victory over enemy in litigation , competition and election , cure from chronic diseases to ward off difficulties and malefic planetary effects and power to control and torture enemies this is useful in all the shat karma . Shodeshi tripur sundari ( mercury ) sadhna the goddess is creator of all the three lokas and is controller of mind , life , and speech force in the body hence called tripur sundari also . Tara ( jupiter ) sadhana at the time of catastrophe ( pralaya ) she sucks all teh juices of moon , humans , animals , and vanspati and causes destruction by posionous gases also callled as bhagwati vipadharini as she protects her disciples from all types of troubles worshipped in satwik , rajas and tamas forms but satwik pooja is the best she bestows all types of comforts , knowledge , moksha and destroys enemies she is one of the sasam vidya ( ten principal deities of the kli peeth ) and is worshipped to remove all negative effects of jupiter and saturn she gives happiness to women to give conjugal bliss and is must for unmarried girls to get a good husband . Kamala ( venus ) sadhana the goddess is also called laskhmi she is vaishnavi shakti and is oppostire of dhoomvati .

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