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If the dhankh shank worshiped on full moon and especially when in the ravi pushya nakshatra ( this comes once a year and it is the best time and day for holding a spiritual & religious event ) it bestows prosperity on the devotee . The counch was one of the 14 divine products that emerged at the churning of the ocean lord vishnu took this as his property . Dakshnivarti shankh also known as valampuri shankh , lakshmi shankh . It is the favourite of goddess lakshmi it is one of the four attributes vishnu holds in his hands. Dakshinavarti shankh is the symbol of maa lakshmi . Goddess lakshmi is always depicted with dakshinvarti shank in her hands . Dakshina means the south side or when holding the shankh right side south si the direction of kuber the god of wealth. This shankha is very rare & much coveted sri lakshmi shankh has reverse turning spiral . When held with the crown pointed up the conch will trun to the right ( dakshinavarti ) rather than the far more common variety which turns left ( vamavarti ) .When counches are collected from the sea they all have a sirty olivaceous green to gray covering scientifically known as periostrachum .It is of the counch protein called as conchin . Function of periostrachum is to protect counch from any minor fractures. It acts as a binding covering and helps counch animal to retain the counch in the course of repairing of fracture .The animal repairs its minor fractures . It is mentioned in the bhramvavrat purana that once lord shiva killed the demon shankchood with the help of vishnu’s trishul and the demon’s body was thrown into the sea . It is believed that the demon was born as the shankh and since he was killed by lord shiva and vishnu’s trishul is considered auspicious.

Proprieties of right hand lakshmi shankh as per skanda purana

1 ) The sacred counch shell must be dazzling white in colour like cow’s milk

2 ) It must have a long neck and broad body

3 ) It must be long in the front portion

4 ) When blown it should emit a long , loud and sonorous sound like OM

5 ) It should have 3 spirals on the underside

Deities associated with dakshinavarti shankh 

1 ) The counch shell is said to be the preserve of several gods and goddesses

2 ) It is one of the four attributes lord vishnu holds in his hands

3 ) Brahma on the seat ( sankhapitha ) , surya in the middle and chandra at the tip

4 ) On the right side are seated aditya , varuna , soma ,vayu and agni

5 ) It is presided over by the twin gods sun and moon and varuna is its deity

6 ) At the back of the counch shell is prajapati

7 ) In front the river goddesses ganga and saraswati

8 ) The hair whorls on buddha’s head spiral to the right as do his fine bodily haris the long white curl between his eyebrows and the conch like swirl of his navel .

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