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1 ) Navamsa lord of the 7th lord aspected by lords of lagna , 9th or 2nd .
2 ) Navamsa lord of the 5th lord being in good position and well aspected .
3 ) Lagna lord and 5th lord be in conjunction / mutual aspect / parivartana .
4 ) Jupiter and 5th lord and remaining strong , also aspected by strong lagna lord .
5 ) 5th house , 5th lord and jupiter aspected by benefics .
6) Both lagna lord and 9th lord be in the 7th house and the 2nd lord in lagna .
7 ) Lagna lord and the 5th lord in kendras and 5th lord remaining strong .
8 ) Jupiter and 5th lord in vaisheshikamsa in context to ten benefic divisions in the varga chakras .
9 ) Strong lagna lord in the 5th house .

To conclude , in simple terms if the lagna lord and jupiter are strong and the 5th house and 5th lord have advantageous combinations you are destined to become a parent .

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