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Whenever there is a major dosha in the 4h bhava in the horoscope then it should be avoided owning or investing in building , property , land should be avoided also known as jana dosha .

1 ) When dusthana adhipati are posited in the 4th bhava

2 ) When the 4th lord is on dusthana adhipati nakshatra

3 ) When the 4th lord is posited in dusthana

4 ) When the 4th lord is ava yogi

5 ) When the 4th bhava is dagdha rashi

6 ) Papakartari yoga to the 4th bhava or 4th lord

7 ) Aspect of dusthana adhipati on the 4th bhava

8 ) Aspect or assocaition of dushthana adhipati on 4th lord

9 ) When enemy grahas are postited in the 4th bhava

10 ) When 4th lord is at graha yudha

11 ) when 4th lord is neecha , parama neecha or combusted .

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