Herbs & Roots To Pacify Adverse Effects Of Planets

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Our vedic scriptures have prescribed the wearing of certain herbs and roots for getting relief adverse effects of the various afflicted planets as described below

If Sun Is Afflicted , belpatra may be worn on a sundya in a thread of red or rosy colour
If Moon Is Afflicted , root of khirni may be worn on a monday in a white thread
If Mars Is Afflicted , anant mool root may be worn in a red thread on tuesday
If Mercury Is Afflicted , bidhara root may be worn on a wednesday in a green thread
If Jupiter Is Afflicted , root of bharangi or a banana tree may be worn on a thursday in a yellow thread
If Venus Is Afflicted , sarpunkha root may be worn on a friday in a white thread
If Saturn Is Afflicted , bichoo booti should be worn on a saturday in a blue thread
If Rahu Is Afflicted , white sandalwood piece should be worn in a blue thread on a wednesday
If Ketu Is Afflcited , asagandha root should bw worn in a thread of skyblue colour on a thursday

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