Death At Will Through Pranayam

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A human being through pranayam controls his heart and catches and releases pran-vayu / oxygen and he can attain his death at will , whenever he so deisres by raising his pran /life to brahma-randhara located in his skull . Pranayam is completed thorugh threee stages purak , kumbhak and rechak .Purak means drawing in of breath reciting gayatri mantra a lot of clean air is drawn in and pumped into the lungs though pranayam . Retention of breath is called kumbhak in kumbhak stage the breath is retained for a few seconds so that the air reaches all parts of lungs this period is also equal to the recital of one gayatri mantra lungs become strong , chest expands and new blood is accumulated in the heart . Rechak means the release of entrapped air in rechak stage the retained air is released slowly while reciting the gayatri mantra the carbon dioxide parts of dirt and impure air comes out this process improves mental strength it dormant energies are awakened a special glow and brightness wave through an individual . In all there are eight varieties of pranayam sahit , suryabhedi , ujgayi , sheetali , bhastrika , bhramare , murchha , kewali .

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