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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is worn , generally prescribed , it is known to empower ,patience , humility , sympathy , creativity , success in areas of iron & metal . Seven mukhi rudraksha is related to planet saturn . It is generally worn on a saturday evening in Pushya , Anuradha , U.bhad Nakshatra . Mantra to be chanted at the time of wearing OM HOOM NAMAH

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Advisory

Advisory No 1 Whenever you decide to wear a rudraksha consult a learned astrologer for the classification of the rudraksha in respect to the following

A ) Astrological parameters to mention few to be considered , puranas has references about badraksha , indraksha , & sahahraksha , but rudraksha is used for auspicious ceremonies . Rudraksha is worn used in auspicious ceremonies, meditation and to gain luck, family, of origin , size as this all depends on the stage, passing phase of your horoscope.

B ) Botanical parameters to be considered ensure that the bead has to be lustrous & healthy, and devoid of deep cracks , the mukhi is well defined corns and contours are natural , there are no cracks & insect holes .

C ) Biological parameters to be considered ensure that is Elaeocarpus ganitrus origin

D ) Metal you need to wear as this all depends on the stage, passing phase of your horoscope.

E ) Class of rudraksha you need to wear , cream colured rudraksha belong to the brahmin class , red color to the kshatriya class , mixed colors belong to the vaishya class , & the black to the shudra class .

Advisory No 2 Do not wear used rudraksha

Advisory No 3 Rudraksha needs to be blessed purified & energized before they are worn , this is done by performing rudraabhishek & pranpatishtha .Wearing of rudraksha should be taken as ceremonial following a specified method by invoking all blessings of your God through performing POOJA (meditation). Wearing of rudraksha in the specified Nakshatra while Moon is waxing on the specified day and time enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Clean the rudraksha in fresh milk and holy water. With your eyes closed call your God and perform POOJA and recite the specified Mantras 108 times on to your string of beeds. Then wear the rudraksha & celebrate offering Prasad (Sweets) to your well-wishers.

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