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Ruby is worn , generally prescribed , it is known to empower , affectivity in handling key areas such as , core self , central energies , relationship with government , beauty , health , vigor , love , friendship , passion , courage , boldness , eliminate depression , blood circulation , healthy heart , power & leadership ability . The wearer of this stone enjoys name & fame. It is a gemstone related to planet Sun. Ruby is generally worn in gold in the ring finger ( 4th from the thumb ), on a Sunday morning in Kritikka , U.Phal , U.Shad Nakshatra . Mantra to be chanted at the time of wearing OM HRAN HREEN HROWN SAH SURAYAYAE NAMAH

Ruby By Caste
1 ) Brahmin Ruby A ruby like a color of a rose
2 ) Kshatriya Ruby A ruby like a color of a lotus
3 ) Vaishya Ruby A ruby like seed of pomegranate , pigeon’s blood
4 ) Shudra Ruby A ruby with a blackish , bluish hue & no radiance

Qualities Of High Rank Ruby
Sprays out red rays in the morning sun , red rays break out in milk , if it is immersed in milk 100 times its weight red rays break out in milk , throws out glow of the sun in darkness , when placed before early morning sun on a mirror it sprays rays on the lower part of the mirror , if it is rubbed it shows sign of rubbing but does not lose weight in the process , emits radiance and color even from a distance


Advisory No 1 Whenever you decide to wear the gemstones please consult a learned astrologer for the CLASSIFICATION OF THE GEMSTONE ( family, country of origin , mine origin , quality, carat, color , cut , dimension , refractive index , gravity , optic characteristics , transparency , crystal system , fluorescence , birefringence , dispersion , mohs hardness , pleocheiroism , species & several other astrological & gemological parameters ) of the gemstone as this all depends on the stage, passing phase of your horoscope. Where you need to wear the gem (particular finger or a pendant in a pendant, as this all depends on the stage, passing phase of your horoscope.

Advisory No 2 Do not wear used gemstones

Advisory No 3 Wearing of stone should be taken as ceremonial following a specified method by invoking all blessings of your God through performing POOJA (meditation). Wearing of stone in the specified Nakashatra while Moon is waxing on the specified day and time enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Clean the ring in fresh milk and holy water. With your eyes closed call your God and perform POOJA and recite the specified Mantras 108 times on to your string of beeds. Then wear the ring on to your specified finger of your right hand and celebrate offering Prasad (Sweets) to your well-wishers.

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