Pleasing Ma Lakshmi

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Ma lakshmi the power behind material wealth goddess who endows money and wealth , vishnu purana gives a list on where goddess lakshmi resides where animals and birds reside , respect visitors / guests , control senses and behavior , speak politely and softly , respect food , do not be proud and arrogant , understanding others sorrow , bathe daily , wear clean clothes , offer flowers to god without inhaling its fragrance , those who donate , remain in festive food , offer agarbattis to god , keep feet clean and soft , eat less then required , do not indulge in sex on pious days , do not have bad body odour , eat in silence , fast on ekasdashi , offer awala to lord vishnu , remember god in the morning and evening , face north when urinating during the day face south when urinating at night , do not use shabby rundown furniture , do not touch fire and elders with their feet , do not sleep during day , do not have sex during day , keeping property well lit , do not chew lips and nails , take care of physical appearance , respected by wives , don’t have a dishonest wife , women who do not eat while cooking , don’t blame their wives unnecessarily , who respect their wives , do not look upon your body as a musical instrument , do not use tables and utensils as musical instruments , recite shri sukt mantra , the folowing mantra should be chanted 108 times at sunrise om shrim maha lakshmi swaha  ( om and salutations to she who provides abundance )

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