What Does Birthdate Reveal About You

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Significance Of Number 1, In Birth Date It is associated with the communication. It provides a valuable clue as to how an individual reacts and communicates with others.

1 time means introvert , 2 times means cummunciative , 3 time means talkative , 4 times means compassionate

Significance Of Number 2, In Birth Date It is associated with sensitive & intuition power. It reveals how sensitive & intuitive an individual is.

1 time means sensitive , 2 times means bright , 3 time means very sensitive , 4 times means loners

Significance Of Number 3, In Birth Date It is related to intellectual capacity of an individual, and the memory & ability to think clearly and logically.

1 time means excellent , 2 times means creative , 3 time / 4 times means over imaginative

Significance Of Number 4, In Birth Date It is related to, neat, tidy & good with details. On a broader level it provides a valuable clue as to how is practical & hardworking an individual is, also represents order and balance.

1 time means orderly and stable , 2 times means pragmatic , 3 time means hardworking , 4 times means more physical activity

Significance Of Number 5, In Birth Date It is associated with balance. It represents balance, emotional, mental stability, & freedom of an individual.

1 time means caring , 2 times means persistent , 3 time means determined , 4 times means instantaneous action

Significance Of Number 6, In Birth Date It is related to home & family, relates to creativity and love for home and family. It also relates an individual to be helpful with people & friendship.

1 time means good advisor, 2 times means originative , 3 time means high tempered , 4 times means emotional

Significance Of Number 7, In Birth Date It relates to disappointments, represents sacrifice usually learning the hard way, or loss… Their heart rules over mind. They learn through there losses / disappointments in 4 prime concerns Love, Emotional, Health, Finance respectively.

1 time means learner through experience , 2 times means spritual , 3 time means learn through loss , 4 times means difficualties in many fronts of life

Significance Of Number 8, In Birth Date It represents discipline, organized skills, attention to detail

1 time means scrupulous , 2 times means adamant , 3 time means materialistic , 4 times means ceaselessly in motion

Significance Of Number 9, In Birth Date It is related with humanitarian, It is associated with idealism (belief in perfection), valor (courage, specially that shown in war or battle), and ambition.

1 time means intelligent , 2 times means crtitical , 3 time means givers , 4 times means brillant but loners

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