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Tulsi Pujan Divas, or the day to worship the plant Tulsi. A basil plant, is sacred to Hindus, and is worshipped across India. It features
prominently in a lot of Hindu rituals, and as it happens, already has a day dedicated to it.It appears that the observing of Tulsi Pujan
Divas involves planting a Tulsi at your home, watering it, and following the usual puja rituals. Revered in india for over 5,000 years the
tulsi plant holds great importance in a traditional hindu home . It is customary to plant tulsi in the month of kartik .

Why tulsi is reverable

Botanical Name Ocimum sanctum
Family Lamaiaceae
Common Name Holy Basil

1 ) Women by worshipping it protect their husbands and bring proeperity in their family .

2 ) One who do not have their own children arrange tulsi marriage .

3 ) The water of tulsi leaves are given to a person lying on death bed .

4 ) Tulsi is a divine medicinal plant like kasturi ( musk ) it has the power to infuse life over into a dead body .

5 ) Terminal disease such as cancer can be cured by tulsi .

6 ) Its leaves boiled in water if taken during fever , cold , cough and malaria provide immediate relief .

7 ) Tulsi leaves have a remarkable property of preventing infectious diseases .

8 ) Tulsi manjaris ( pods ) give out a peculiar scent which repels posionous snakes .

9 ) According to a book entitled ranvir bhakti ratnakar wherever the wind scented by tulsi blows it purifies all directions and makes all
the four forms of life – udbhij , swedaj , andaj and jara full of zest and spirit . According to another book kriyayogasagar the very touch
of tulsi kills the germs of malaria and many other diseases immediately .

10 ) Tulsi has many micro nutrients . However it is also contains mercury which is a metal and liquid attributes and because of these
mettalic it is also capable to work as air ionizer

11 ) in indian culture tulsi is known by different names plant with small green leaves has been named as ram tulsi ( vana tulsi / ocimum
gratissimum ) , blackish brown color tulsi is called as shyam ( krishna tulsi / ocimum sanctum ) .

12 ) It is also helpful to fight with free radicals and is used for agings which helps to slow down the aging process of teh human being .

13 ) It helps to relieve tension because of the presence of adaptogenic chemical /stress reducing chemicals

14 ) Tulsi is an antidote for snake and scorpion venom

15 ) Eating of tulsi eaves increases the level of acetylchlorine ( neurotransmitter ) in the body .

16 ) Water soaked wih tulsi leaves is given to teh dying to raise hsi departing soul to heaven .

17 ) Tulsi leaves can absorb ulraviolet radiation which is why tulsi leaves are placed on food items during eclipse to protect them from
radiation .

18 ) The skandpuran says that one gets rids of the sins of as many lives as the number of tulsi plants one grows .

19 ) The padampuran aserts that wherever there is a garden that place is like a pilgrimage it acts as an disadvantageous parameter for
representatives of yama the gods of death to enter that the place .

20 ) The padampuran says that whoever bathes with water in which the tulsi is added attains the virtues of having bathed in the
bhagirathi ganga .

21 ) Whoever bathes in water in which a few tulsi leaves have been added is considered to have bathed at all important pilgrim centres .

22 ) Whoever adds tulsi in teh charanamrit offered in prayers and consumes it gets rids of all sins and attains salvation such people are
protected from ill health and sudden death.

23 ) It is said that in its last birth tulsi was vrinda married to an asura named jalandhar to gain victory over him lord vishnu persuaded
vridna to give up devotion to her husband . Pleased with her vishnu gave her blessings through this blessings she became tulsi and is
worshipped by people all over world .

24 ) In the brahvaivartpuran prakritikhand 21 /40 it is said lord hari is not so pleased after bathing with thousands of pots filled with
celestial nectar as he is when even a single leaf of tulsi is offered to him .It is also said that wjoever offers a single tulsi leaf of lord vishnu
and prays to him daily attains the benefits of a hundred thousand ashwamedh yagyas .

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