b ) Reserve An Appointment Telephonic Consultation

1 ) Please cummunicate your consultation requirement by sending us an email at , by giving us a call 9822660231 , whatsapp we will let you know the applicable fees for the same consulation fees rs INR 3700 /- only.... US$ 75 only ..... 

2 ) Please communicate the required inputs / data at our email id or our whatsapp number 9822660231 .

3 ) Please communicate once your credit the fees along through your preferred mode of payment and update us with the transaction reference details / snapshot etc . 

4 ) Your consultation process is initiated when we confirm that the inputs / data sent by you is in order and we have received credit of fees at our end . 

5 ) You will receive a text message when we are prepared to talk , you can expect the same anytime within 5 days once your consultation process is initiated .   

Consultation Hours / Reserving Your Telephonic Appointment Consultation Hours Daily 8 am to 11 pm , you can communicate anytime the day you wish to have an appointment we will let you know the appointment slots available , let us know appointment slot we need to receive for you , our mobile / whatsapp number 9822660231 .

For Consultation Queries You can cummunicate anyday , anytime between 8 am to 11 pm our mobile ,whatsapp number 9822660231.

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