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Lord shiva is third supreme god in the hindu trinity in order to complete the life system he was given the job of destroyer religious texts tell us he lives the life of an ascetic roaming in forests and mountains . Beginning with a few guidelines for pleasing lord shiva seeking goddess lakshmi should worship lord shiva with lotus , baelpatra , shutpatra , lowers like aaks and kanair . Aspiring for long life worship lord shiva with durva /grass , For name and fame worship shiva with dhatura a flower , Seeking luxuries , moksha one should worship lord shva with tulsi flower red and white aaks . Seeking good vehicle or a form of transport worship lors shiva with chameli flower , seeking a good wife should offer bael flowers to lord shiva , For abundant granary offer juhi flowers . Worshiping lord shiva with harshingar are blessed with sheer joy , happiness and prosperity . To beget a good and obedient child pour pure ghee over the shivalingam . For good memory and intelligence offer sweet milk to shivling whole chanting the maha mritunjaya mantra or om namaha shivaye . If one is suffering from depression , sadness , problems on personal professional front offer pure milk and chant mantras . For getting all comforts of life offer gangajal to lord shiva and reads rudra sukta . Rice shrifal , sesame jou , wheat , moong , aromas , fruits please shiva tremendously . Do not offer champa and kewra flowers to lord shiva . Lord shiva should be offered a deepak with five lights at the time of aarti four times to feet , twice to navel area , once to face , seven times to the whole body .

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