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When Mars is posted in Ist, IVth, VIIth, VIIIth or XIIth house in a horoscope, its native is said to be suffering from Manglik Dosh. A boy/girl suffering from Manglik Dosh should marry a girl/boy who is also suffering from Manglik Dosh. The extent of this Dosh has been unduly heightened. About 45% horoscopes are Manglik, as can be seen from the fact that out of 12 houses, Mars posited in one of the 5 houses makes the horoscope Manglik. This makes it still worse when we find that many eminent pundits declare that this should also be examined from Moon Horoscope as well Venus horoscope. Still, some of the astrologers maintain that this should be considered a Manglik if Mars is in IInd house. The entire of logic of this Dosh is based on the fact that Mars being natural malefic is posited in a house which has some concern with the marriage or marital aspects, e.g. Ist House, nature of the native; IVth house for domestic peace; VIIth house for marriage itself; VIIIth house for life of wife; XIIth House for sexual pleasures; and the last IInd house for family. But we know that there are other malefics also, like Saturn, Sun or Rahu. Their placement in these house will also cause as much trouble. Even if there is no Manglik Dosh, and Saturn and Rahu are posited in VII, with the affliction of Venus, there will be much trouble to the marriage or marital aspects.

There are numerous chances of being Manglik, there are no less chances of being under one of the exceptions to this Dosh since there are various combinations wherein Manglik Dosh is ineffective. Some of them are given below :

Exceptions :

1. If in the other horoscope, Saturn is posited in I, IV, VII, VIII or XII houses,

2. Strong Jup Ven are posited in Asc or VII

3. If in the girl’s horoscope, where Mars is posited, there is any other strong malefic planet in the boy’s horoscope, (and vice-versa also)

4. Retrograde, Debilitated, Combust Mars or Mars in enemy sign in I, IV, VII, VIII, XII houses

5. If lords of signs of boy and girl are friends, if they are of same Gan, and/or matching points are more than 30

6. If in the boy’s horoscope Mars is in VI, Rahu in VII and Saturn in VIII, then there is no effect of Manglik dosh for the Manglik girl

7. If both the horoscopes suffer from Manglik dosha

8. Mars of Aries in Asc, Mars of Scorpio in IV, Mars of Capricorn in VII, Mars of Cancer in VIII or Mars of Saggitarius in XII

9. Following combinations cancel Manglik dosha :

i. Moon-Ven in II house
ii. Jup fully aspecting or conjunct Mars
iii. Rahu in Angular houses (I, IV, VII, X)
iv. Mars is conjunct Rahu anywhere in the horoscope
v. If Mars in VIII but in the sign of Jupiter

10. Moon or Moon+Mars in Angular houses

11. Benefics in Angular and Trine houses and malefics in III, VI, VIII and XI houses.

12. If Asc is Leo or Aquarius

13. If Taurus be Asc, Mars in XIIth house

14. If Gemini be Asc, Mars in II,VIII or XIIth houses

15 If Scorpio be Asc, Mars In II, VIII or XIth houses and so on and so on.

This is a very quick and general match-making. But, in fact, the horoscope of both the boy and girl should be studied in detail, with special reference to age, nature, health, sexual pleasures, progeny, financial status, career, and intelligence. Both the horoscopes should not be wanting in the same aspect of life. Although only 5 lines are written on this, as interpretation of charts has been sufficiently explained, yet this is the most important point in match-making, i.e detailed interpretation of both the horoscopes..

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