Horoscope Matching For Before Marriage

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In astrology, martial compatibility is based on eight parameters

  • Varan : it carries one mark; it represents homely affairs, ego development.
  • Vaishya : It carries two marks; it represents personal understanding, intensity of mutual attraction & affection.
  • Tara ( Din ) : It carries three marks , it represents , health , well being future of the couple.
  • Yoni : It carries four marks, it represents biological compatibility & satisfaction.
  • Griha Maitri : It carries five marks; it represents nature, outlook, objective, intellectual level, spiritual plane.
  • Gan : It carries six marks, it represents, social relationship, temperamental characteristics.
  • Bhakoot : It carries seven marks, it represents family welfare.
  • Nadi : It carries eight marks, it represents outside appearance & health physical compatibility

The eight parameters together carry 36 marks, or guna’s as they are called in astrology, a minimum of eighteen gunas are necessary for a match to be declared as compatible .

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