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In order to analyse any horoscope, follow the steps given below:


1. First of all, identify the problem, i.e. what do you want to know about. In other words, if you want to know about marriage, VIIth house is the one which you should study.

2. See, who is the Lord of this House, and find out :

* whether this Lord planet is benefic or malefic, and
* whether this planet is strong or weak.

If the Lord is a benefic, the traits of the house get strengthened, and if malefic, the traits get weakened. Similarly, if the planet is strong, it has the strength to do good or bad, according to its nature, and if weak, it is weak to do good or bad, according to its nature.

When a planet is benefic or malefic, strong or weak has been given above.

3. Find out who is/are the planet(s) posited in this House. and find out:

* whether it/these is/are benefic(s) or malefic(s),
* whether it/these is/are strong or weak , and predict accordingly.

4. Find out who aspect(s) this House, or the Lord of this House. See, whether the aspect is malefic or benefic, strong or weak, and predict accordingly.

5. Find out which planet denotes the problem, and then find out whether it is benefic or malefic, strong or weak, and predict accordingly. Then, find out aspects on it (point 4 above)

6. Next, find out the Significator of this House, and find out :

* whether it is benefic or malefic, and
* whether it is strong or weak , and predict accordingly.

7. Find out whether this House or Lord of this House or the Significator has any association with VIth, VIIIth, or XIIth house or their Lords. This association is considered bad.

8. Nature of planets (good or bad) can also be ascertained by the States of Planets or as per Lordship of various houses, as explained earlier.

9. Use the Five-Fold Relationship Table to find out the relation between different planets. This will be helpful in ascertaining the enemy-aspect or friendly-aspect of planets.

10. Please note that for one problem, you may have to study one or more houses.

11. Analysing all the malefics/benefics and the strength of planets, houses, find out which is the strongest or the weakest, most malefic or most benefic, and predict accordingly.

12. Sudarshan Chakra Method: For more accurate predictions, this method is used. Usually, Lagna chart is studied. Now make, one Moon chart (with Moon sign in the Ist house), which is normally always made in Hindu astrology. Study this chart as well. Then again make a Sun chart (with Sun sign in the Ist house). Study this chart as well. Detailed casting of this chart is given in later chapters. Supposing, a particular house is under malefic influence in all the three charts, then the native will be deprived from the traits of that house definitely. Similarly, if a particular house is under benefic aspect in all the three charts, that house will be boosted to a great extent. This is called Sudarshan Chakra Method. Now – a – days, some computers are making this chart also.

13. Navamsha Chart: It is a common practice to use this chart also to assess the strength of planets and study the nature of planets and houses. E.g. If a planet, say, Jupiter is exalted in natal chart but is rendered weak in Navamsha chart its good results would get modified. So, it should be made a habit to study this chart also.

14. Studying all the influences on the house(s) you are studying, and on the planets associated with the house(s), try to form a balanced picture in your mind, and predict. This is the most important and comes only with experience. Some aspects indicate good results and some bad. You have to add all the pluses and deduct the minuses and then conclude. This is called “balancing the picture” in mind.

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