p ) Request Onsite Consultation Vastu / Fengshui / Geomancy / Bau - Biologie

Please provide us inputs / data please follow a consultation process of your choice this facilitates us to come to a view for preparation we need to do / the tools we need to carrry , respective consultation fees applicable . We will examine your query / inputs / data recd at our end to conclude to the following . Is an onsite visit necessary if yes we will let you know the process , fees for the same , If no suggestion's will be provided for your query.Entire arrangement & expenses from pick up to drop is to be effectively managed at your end .Onsite consultation is handled by shri anand soni in person . 

Consultation Queries  You can cummunicate anyday , anytime between 8 am to 11 pm our mobile , whatsapp number 9822660231 .  

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